Welcome to CMW!

The Chicago Magic Workshop is a monthly meeting of magicians. Our aim is to provide great informational tools for magicians, host special events and speakers, and help each other creatively craft better magic.  When we're not hosting talks or other special events, the CMW is a place to workshop (and help others workshop) anything you might be working on (tricks, scripts, books, costume... whatever).

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Special Events

This year, our aim is to schedule as many special events as we can reasonably take on.  We have a lot of great knowledge locked up in the brains of Chicago area magicians and we hope to coax many of them into sharing that knowledge with the rest of us.  Be sure to check out our events page to see what's coming up.

To cover the cost of the reserved space, admission to special events is currently $9 and will require a minimum number of sign-ups to proceed.  We will continue to look for ways to defray this cost and keep it as low as possible.


On a regular workshop month the atmosphere is very relaxed.  Stories are told, projects presented, and feedback provided.  Admission is free (since we don't have to reserve exculsive space) and refreshments are generally provided.

P.S. In the Workshop months we all hope that common sense and courtesy prevail, but here's our guiding principle: If you wish to retain all rights to the think you've brought to work on, just say so up front. All other projects worked on collectively are the intellectual property of the entire group, and anyone may share, perform, or remix the material. In the case of publication, attribution to the “Chicago Magic Workshop” should be given (see the Creative commons By license for details).